Wedding at St Enodoc Church.

WOW a massive congratulations is due to this wonderful couple. Angus and Georgina, thank you so much for asking me to be your photographer it was an absolute pleasure. We have been so lucky with the weather lately, the sun really has been shining down on us all. The walk over the Golf course to the wonderful St Enodoc Church was a little hot! the grass looks a little dry too.

It was amazing for guests to get a chance to dip their toes in the water at Daymer Bay. I’m sure the water was refreshing. Dinham House for the Reception is a new one for me as they have not been doing Weddings there very long. It proved to be a wonderful setting for your Reception and meal. Hatch Marquee’s new clear topped tent made it feel like you were dining straight under the stars.

I hope all your friends and family had a great time down here in Cornwall as usual. Well i have been busy with the edit and have hundreds and hundreds of photos for you, it goes without saying but i hope you like them! It was nice to work with your videographer, he seemed like a really nice chap. Over the years i have often been asked by videographers “When are you going to take them off for some photos?” I always think the best ones just happen, i just try and make sure I’m in the right spot at the right time, and if all is going well it just happens naturally. Sometimes if the opportunities are not coming along then a little nudge here and there and you get all the shots you need with very little direction and posing.

Georgina, i love the ones of you in the doorway about to leave for the Church! Oh and the one of your dress blowing in the wind as your Dad walks you to the church. When you bought the umbrellas as a just in case, did you think they would be used just as parasols? Congratulations again and hope to see you both next time you are in Cornwall.

The Wedding was at DINHAM HOUSE

Catering was by FEE TURNER

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