The Full Monty

The “Full Monty” (apologies for silly name) consists of Photography coverage from 1.5 hours before the Ceremony until The first Dance and some of dancing in the evening.

It also includes a Luxury Album, printed in LA and Handmade in New York. These Albums are simply the most elegant and beautiful ways to enjoy your Wedding Photos. The Album is designed to your exact requirements with materials and layout carefully considered to marry with your tastes. See the photos below.

Capturing the right images of a wedding day can take a mixture of approaches.  I take candid photographs in an unobtrusive manner that helps capture the essence of the day.  This type of photograph records the fleeting moments that could so easily be missed, a photograph of your best friend watching you walk down the isle, is the sort of poignant moment that a great candid photograph encapsulates.  A collection of this style of photograph taken throughout the day ensures those moments are never forgotten.  I also compose natural looking portraits of you and your family.  These portraits create timeless images of family and friends looking their best.  I work quickly to ensure this process does not interrupt the flow of your day.  I also take time during the day to document details that make your wedding unique: your flowers, the cake, dress details, table setting etc. I try to steer away from the traditional group shots where everyone stands like soldiers in a neat line. In regard to organized group shots of family and friends; I pride myself on my ability to work efficiently and in a relaxed manner, this ensures the group photos are a fun moment of the day rather than the traditional dreaded and tedious photo lineups!

Once the day is over and the photographs are taken, I can get to work editing the images. I colour correct, crop and adjust the photographs to ensure they look fantastic.  I then produce the CD presentation case that comprises all the photos of the day. These Photographs are saved as high quality image files, which you have the full printing rights too. This allows you the freedom to do whatever you like with your photographs.  However I do also offer many beautiful wedding photography products and provide a complimentary Album Design Service.  I can also host your images online for FREE for your friends and family to view, enjoy and share.

I look forward to helping you remember and cherish your wedding day forever.

I offer a comprehensive wedding photography service that can be tailored to your tastes.  If you have any questions regarding this, or wedding photography in general please do not hesitate to contact me directly, via email at or by telephone (landline 01208 862807 mobile 07760 195585).

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